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METAIRIE, La. Two months after Ryan Anderson originally was listed as out indefinitely and with only 19 games left in the season the team still doesn't have a final status for the game-changing forward.

All coach Monty Williams knows at this point is that Anderson, who suffered a herniated disc in a Jan. 3 collision with Boston's Gerald Wallace, continues to search for information on his injury.

'I can tell you he's talking to a lot of doctors,' Williams said. 'That's about as far as I go with it. Once I start thinking about that type of stuff, it just takes my focus away. I do know he's talking to a number of doctors all over the country.'

Anderson hasn't given an update on his status since telling the Times-Picayune on Feb. 12 he was receiving another medical evaluation.

While not traveling the country getting more information, he has been working with team trainer Jon Ishop, Williams said.

'Ish and those guys are still rehabbing him, doing some things,' Williams said. 'But I think it's a lot more than just that so he has to talk to a number of doctors. When you're dealing with your neck and spine, it's not like a finger or something like that.'

While Anderson didn't speak with reporters Tuesday, his teammate Eric Gordon did.

There may be no other player currently with the Pelicans who know what Anderson is going through. Gordon missed much of his first two seasons with the franchise while trying to get his knee back in good condition.

And it's not necessarily the current moment that will be hardest for Anderson, Gordon said.

'You've got to take it a step at a time, have a good rehab and being able to play a lot of games and feel healthy before you can really accelerate and perform at the level you really want,' Gordon said.

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