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NEWORLEANS- Police have announced three arrests of men who they believe are responsible for several of the recent crimes in the Carrollton-University areas of Uptown.

New Orleans police say they have a man in custody, responsible for home invasions,burglary and a sexual attack.

That arrest comes with anger from the police chiefover why he was on the streets in the first place.

'One is that people continue to commit crimes. And two, when they have been found guilty of a crime, such that they agree under the terms of a court to probational parole, which means this:you promise not to be a bad guy and we promise not to put you in jail. And time after time after time, in this city in particular, those people who promise to be good, in lieu of going to jail, lie. And they go back out into this community and they attack people and they hurt people and our officers gotto go chase them down again and again and again. We as a criminal justice system have to work together to stop that from happening.' said a very passionate Superintendent Ronal Serpas.

The NOPD police chief expressed frustration as he announced the latest arrest in a string of Uptown crimes. Repeat offender,James Johnson,21, ison probation for armed robberies.Police say they caught him in the act of raping a woman at gunpoint in her home on Hickory Street. Neighbors heard yelling for help,and with increased police patrols in the area, they got there fast. Police say he also admitted to being one three who tied up and robbedTulane students a few days ago in their home on nearby Panola Street .

'Hopefully this time,and we say this to the entire criminal justice system and the people of New Orleans,hopefully this time these dangerous repeat offenders might be found to stay in jail, to stay in prison and to not be on the streets of New Orleans to hurt families of hard-working people in our community,' said Serpas from the podium at a news press conference.

And since some of the victims have been Tulane students, they had questions of NOPD as well.

'It's hard to realize that it could happen to you.It's kind of made people be very afraid that, you know, this danger is very real,' said Emma Discher, aTulane student andHullabaloo editor.

Students want more cooperation between Tulane police and New Orleans police. Specifically they asked why it took a victim on Panola Street to tell TUPD.

'Ithink there's a really good connection between Tulane police and NOPD. We share information with them all of the time, and likeI said, last nightI was on the phone with two different captains from Tulane police. We get along great with them,' said NOPD Second District Commander Paul Noel.

Police continue investigations on other uptown crimes, like the home invasion and burglary on Adams Street this week. That is still unsolved.

The police chief praised neighbors for being their eyes and ears in the community,which helped them make the arrest on Hickory Street.

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