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NEW ORLEANS -- NOPD detectives are investigating a double shooting over the weekend that erupted in a 7th ward neighborhood that police call a 'crime hot spot.'

This past Saturday's shooting happened in the 2100 block of Pauger Street, where two weeks ago four people were also shot. One of those victims died.

Neighbors continue to say not enough is being done to curb criminal activity in the area.

'Mainly we're trying to make sure people see what's going on in the city of New Orleans,' said Big Chief Victor Harris of the Spirit of Fiyiyi.

Row after row of white crosses sit in Hunter's Field at the corner of Claiborne and St. Bernard avenues. They're there for a reason.

'We have far too much killing going on. It's behind drugs. Drugs is major problem,' Harris said.

A homicide happened just a few blocks away in the 7th Ward where Harris grew up. Saturday night, shots rang out in the 2100 block of Pauger Street, where police are now investigating a double shooting.

Two weeks earlier on April 12, four people, including a 1-year-old, were shot while sitting outside a home in the same block. 23-year-old Charles Collins died from his injuries.

'Any person that out fires while kids are around, they don't have a heart,' said family friend Rhondel Jones at Collins' candle light vigil.

According to, there have been four homicides within a one-mile radius of the 2100 block of Pauger Street since Jan. 1.

Frustrated neighbors tell Eyewitness News that police respond but criminal activity continues. also shows the following crime stats since the new year: 181 assaults, 106 vehicle break-ins, 99 car thefts, 91 robberies and 21 weapons related cases, all within a mile radius of the same Pauger Street block.

'There's a problem in everyone's home and everybody needs money to survive,' Harris said. Harris said besides upping police patrols, the only way to turn the tide on a pattern of broken homes, drugs, violence and teen pregnancy is real job creation for the city's youth.

'So they can have jobs and know what it means to work for your earning, instead of being out here with the drugs and trying to make a living stealing and robbing,' added Harris.

NOPD Fifth District Commander Christopher Goodly issued this statement in response to our request for an interview:

'This location is considered a crime hot spot area in the Fifth District. Officers are consistently deployed to pro-actively patrol this area and have made arrests for illegal narcotics and weapons which are believed to be contributors for violent acts being committed. A key element to solving and reducing violent crime is through victim/witness cooperation and any citizens with information are urged to contact Crimestoppers.'

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