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NEWORLEANS-- Authorities released a 911 call from the night when Marigny homeowner Merritt Landry shot 14-year-old Marshall Coutler in his yard after Coulter jumped Landry's fence in the early morning hours.

'I came outside and found this guy in my yard. I just shot him. He's, he's down,' Landry can be heard telling the operator after shooting Coulter.

Police arrested Landry after the shooting last July, booking him on an attempted second-degree murder charge. The case was heard by a grand jury which failed to bring charges against him. Coulter was unarmed, but Landry contended he was defending his home and family inside.

'Oh my God. I can't believe this,' said Landry, who sounds clearly shaken up by the shooting.

Coulter was shot once in the head. The teen was spotted on Landry's property in the early morning hours and the 33-year-old said he felt threatened. Coulter would spend time hospitalized with serious head injuries.

Orleans Parish District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro declined to prosecute Landry for shooting Coulter. Cannizzaro said that the recent arrest of Coulter on burglary charges 'irreversibly damaged' any case they might have had against Landry.

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