Houston and Southeastern Louisiana are facing off in the NCAA Regionals. We have scoring updates below.

Bottom of 9th

- Southeastern had three straight hits to start the inning and scored a run, but they were unable to come up with more than a run. Southeastern falls to Houston 9-4.

Top of 9th

- Three up, three down for Houston

Bottom of 8th

- Two doubles set up a one-out single that led to two runs for Southeastern.

Top of 8th

- Houston pads its lead on a triple with two runs scored.

Bottom of 7th

- Southeastern reaches on a two-out walk but is unable to score him after a fly ball out.

Top of 7th

- After the game continued following a lightning delay, Houston strands a runner after a one-out double. They lead 7-2.

Bottom of 6th

- Southeastern is retired in order

Top of 6th

- Houston manages to get a runner on base and move him to second on a steal, but are unable to bring him around to score after a routine ground ball.

Bottom of 5th

- Southern gets a runner on but can't drive him in.

Top of 5th

- Houston strands a runner after grounding into double play. Houston leads, 7-2.

Bottom of 4th

- Southeastern strikes out with two outs and two runners on base.

Top of 4th

- Houston is unable to capitalize on an error that got the lead-off runner on base. They maintain 7-2 lead.

Bottom of 3rd

- Three consecutive hits to start the inning gives Southeastern two runs. They cut the Houston lead down to 7-2.

Top of 3rd

- Southeastern retires Houston in order.

Bottom of 2nd

- Southeastern reaches on a two-out single, but the runner's thrown out, ending the inning.

Top of 2nd

- Houston scores six runs after Southeastern allows four errors in the inning.

Bottom of 1st

- Southeastern gets two men on base but are unable to take advantage.

Top of 1st

- Houston is able to take advantage of a lead-off double after a throwing error brings in Kyle Survance for the first run of the game. Houston leads 1-0.

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