Shell and IMTThave released a statement on the odor issue in St. Rose. It is below.

As part of our continuing commitment to be good neighbors, Shell and IMTT are working together to prevent nuisance odors in the St. Rose, Louisiana area. Shell and IMTT have both performed stack tests under the supervision of the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality in an effort to locate odor sources on the St. Rose site. The tests determined emissions to be well within permit limits. All ambient air test results from the site and in the community met EPA air quality standards.

Shell and IMTT are working collaboratively to immediately install additional odor control equipment to remove trace non-toxic sulfur compounds. Shell and IMTT are also working jointly on an improved process to notify state and local officials. A release of any kind is something Shell and IMTT take very seriously. The protection of the communities where we operate, our workers, and the environment remain our top priorities.

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