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SLIDELL, La. -- Astore employee is facing charges for allegedly stealing a company check and using it to pay for a prostitute while at work.

Charles West, 24, was arrested for theft, forgery and solicitation of a prostitute, according to Slidell police.

West was caught by authorities after the store manager reviewed store surveillance video after seeing a check was missing, police said.

Monday evening, the manager saw West on video speaking with customer near closing time. According to police, West and the woman then go to the back room, where the woman performed a sexual act on West.

West paid the woman $using the company check book and forging the manager's signature.

The manager of a local store was perplexed when he discovered one of his company checks missing. Upon further investigation, the discovery he made was shocking, not only to him, but to Slidell police as well.

West was arrested Wednesday morning. He told officers he never met the woman until that night and that she 'randomly came into the store and offered him oral sex for money.'

Slidell police are still working to identify the female, who will ultimately be arrested for prostitution.

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