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NEW ORLEANS -- Residents were worried as they watched water rise in the French Quarter during severe weather Sunday. They say this burst of heavy rainfall caused some of the worst flooding they've seen in years.

'We have more water here today than I have ever seen in the 13 years I've lived here. It's absolutely ridiculous

When the heavy rain came down Sunday afternoon, no one was expecting streets and sidewalks completely underwater.

One photo of street flooding was taken by Chris and Molly Munson on Independence Street near St. Claude Avenue in the Bywater.

'You can see how high the water was by the debris lines on the mounts here in the park,' said Chris Munson. 'I have lived in that house since 2007 and it's the worst I have ever seen it. The rain was coming down pretty hard.'

When we caught up with Chris and Molly Munson, they were busy cleaning out their catch basin. There was a ton of debris clogging it, mainly because it's missing a cover.

'It's dirty,' Chris Munson said. 'It's been a problem for a long time, so when the water came down we decided it was time to deal with it.'

In areas along N. Galvez near A.P. Tureaud, it was as similar sight. Cars and neighbors were forced to wade through several inches of water.

But it was the flooding along Esplanade Avenue that really caught residents by surprise.

'It came up really fast, and within 10 minutes it went from being on the wheels of cars, to being all the way to the top of the curb,' said resident Rene Fransen. 'We had to move all of our cars.'

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