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NEWORLEANS-- Louisiana State Police released dash-cam video Tuesday connected to what has become a controversial traffic stop.

Musician Shamarr Allen says he was threatened by troopers and that they used excessive force.

However, the head of the state police maintains his troopers did no wrong.

'I saw the edited, no audio, blurred out faces, not full video. I saw it. It did exactly what I thought it would do, which is cover their butts,' Allen said just hours after LSP released video of his traffic stop to the public.

The 15-minute state police dash-camera video shows a traffic stop near Caffin and Charters in the Lower Ninth Ward.

Allen said troopers stopped him after he backed down a street to avoid a police blockade around 2:30 a.m. on July 23.

'I grew up down here where you see the police all the time. If the street is blocked off and you go the other way, you're liable to be harassed,' Allen said of his decision to reverse his car away.

State police say troopers set up a barricade in the Lower Ninth Ward neighborhood looking for a 'drug dealer' who had ran away. Allen drove up to the scene shortly after.

State police released the video after Allen complained about officers using excessive force at the traffic stop. During a news conference on Tuesday, Col. Mike Edmonson stood by his troopers' actions.

'I support the actions of my troopers. I believe they did exactly how they train for. I believe that every action that we took as state troopers was in direct response to what he did,' said Edmonson, the superintendent of Louisiana State Police.

State police initially told reporters 15 minutes of the 30-minute clip were missing and then said only one to two minutes where Allen is released wasn't saved because the dash-cam stopped recording when the trooper's engine was turned off.

According to police, the video that can be seen shows Allen's refusal to show both of his hands, and they say it later shows Allen squirming to break free of the trooper who cuffed him. Allen can then be seen being escorted to a nearby trooper vehicle with the dash-cam and then pulled to the ground.

Allen said troopers threatened him with a gun, at one point putting a boot on his head. He said the actions were racial profiling.

Edmonson said those accusations aren't true.

'We didn't sit there and say, stop that car, there's an individual in there. We don't operate like that. I don't teach that. I don't condone that and I don't tolerate it,' Edmonson said.

The New Orleans musician whose traffic stop has now gone public said he's reached out to a lawyer.

Allen sticks by his version of what unfolded after leaving a gig and dropping off a friend.

'All I wanted to do is bring awareness to a big problem. This is not those guys first time doing that and it won't be their last time,' Allen said.

Louisiana State Police says its investigation into this traffic stop is now closed. Edmonson said all troopers involved have been cleared

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