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NEWORLEANS-- Algiers is one of New Orleans' oldest and most charming neighborhoods. The West Bank community is home to a Marine Reserve base, Our Lady of Holy Cross College and many residents who work on the other side the Mississippi River in the French Quarter and downtown.

But lately violent crime has put the neighborhood in the public spotlight.

From gang violence, to Wednesday night's attempted armed robbery and shooting on West Homestead Drive, to a teenager who lost his trombone at gunpoint just a few weeks ago - Algiers is getting a bad rap.

'Everytime there something that happens, it's Algiers, Algiers, Algiers,' said Algiers neighbor Joseph Caletri. 'I think that gets to people.'

Caletri has lived in the Bocage subdivision since 1976. Many of his neighbors have the homes up for sale.

He blames two things, bad streets and crime.

'Our property here in this subdivision is going down considerably,' said Caletri.

Latter and Blum real estate expert and Algiers resident Paul Richard said it's not fair to brand the entire community as a crime hotspot.

'It's very clear which neighborhoods in Algiers have a propensity for crime, but you can't paint the entire brush over Algiers and say that's the case for all of Algiers,' said Richard.

While city crime statistics indicate crime in Algiers is actually lower than in some other parts of the city, some residents tell us perception is reality.

'The stigma of being named Algiers and the way we're depicted often lately,' Caletri said.

Richard said tracking data shows no link between crime and the current housing prices in Algiers. In fact, he said, price tags are up year over year and the inventory of available homes is down.

'As of last July, we had a 7.4 month inventory of real estate in Algiers. For July of this year, we hand four and a half months. So, clearly the supply is shrinking. The average sales price in July 2013 was $191,000. In July of this year it was $232,000.'

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