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NEWORLEANS-- Preservation Hall received major exposure this week, and it is about to get even more in the coming weeks.

The iconic jazz venue is getting rock star treatment thanks to the band Foo Fighters and an upcoming HBO series.

Jazz drummer Joe Lastie, Jr. spoke with Eyewitness News about Preservation Hall Jazz Band's collaboration with the rock band. It's being described as a musical map of America, with eight songs dreamt up in eight cities by the Foo Fighters.

The rock band made a stop in New Orleans to be schooled in jazz.

'Our drums are side to side. I got so excited. I reached back there and hit his drums,' said Lastie of playing alongside Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins.

In his 40 years of drumming, Lastie only recently checked off 'playing with a rock band' from his bucket list.

'It was so exciting play with the Foo Fighters, playing with a rock group period. This is the first time someone actually asked me to play with the rock band, on the set of drums instead of just the bass drum,' said Lastie.

The New Orleans native joined other local musicians like Trombone Shorty, who were profiled in a new HBO series chronicling the Foo Fighters journey across the country as they cobble together their next masterpiece.

The Foo Fighters privately booked Preservation Hall for an entire week in May, collaborating with local musicians to bring a little bit of New Orleans flavor into their next album.

The 'Sonic Highways' HBO series is one of a long list of gets for the venue, which continues to win over homegrown and international fans.

'Preservation Hall is best known for a home of traditional jazz, and what I think they're trying to do in the last decade or so is demonstrate that there's a place for traditional New Orleans music in the national market place,' said Alex Rawls, writer and founder of music blog myspiltmilk.com.

Many musical greats have left their mark inside the French Quarter spot. The locale inspires rock bands and jazz bands alike to remember the musical history of the past inspiring the future.

'If that had been the old Preservation Hall, that's strictly doing tradition. No, I wouldn't have been exposed to that stuff,' said Lastie of playing with the Foo Fighters, 'So, I'm happy about the change because change brings on progress.'

Foo Fighters founder Dave Grohl directed the eight-part documentary series. While in New Orleans the rock band performed a surprise 30-minute set opening doors at Preservation Hall to the street.

The first episode airs Oct. 17 on HBO.

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