NEW ORLEANS - Dominic Majorie is a loving, active two year old. It's clear he already looks up to his father, Stephen Majorie, a New Orleans firefighter.

But what you can't see is Dominic is battling a rare form of brain cancer. He just went through his second round of chemotherapy Thursday. And he has years of treatment left.

'It's a lot, it's been rough so far, but we're trying to stay positive,' said Majorie.

And some days, that's hard to do. But the Majorie family is staying strong, with help from a much larger family, the New Orleans Fire Department.

'It is a brother hood, it's a calling and a brother hood,' said Majorie. 'Everyone on this job has been amazing.'

Firefighters are rallying around Dominic, helping to raise money for medical costs that insurance doesn't cover and organizing a big fundraiser Saturday night with food, live music, and a silent auction.

'It was supposed to be just a get together with the guys, and it's turned into something really amazing,' said Ricky Rickoll, a New Orleans firefighter and close friend of Majorie.

There are also bracelets that say, 'Krewe of Dom,' named to mirror carnival groups and created to show support for Dominic. The Krewe has raised more than $5,900 for Dominic at in the last month alone.

'Without everybody being so incredible, I really don't know what my family would do right now,' said Majorie.

Most importantly, the Majorie family is hoping to raise awareness. They say they Dominic might still be undiagnosed if his mother hadn't pushed for an MRI when her son started showing developmental delays, about a year after he was diagnosed with excess fluid in the brain.

And though Dominic has a tough road ahead his family says the support from others keeps them going.

The fundraiser for Dominic kicks off at 7 Saturday night at The Willow, 8200 Willow Street in Uptown New Orleans.

Organizers are asking for a $10 donation to get in.

The family plans to donate any money that exceeds their goal to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, where Dominic has received some of his care.

You can read more about the Majorie family's journey here:

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