WASHINGTON D.C. Sen. David Vitter is speaking out about why he's holding up two of President Barack Obama's nominations for the state.

Vitter has refused to sign off on the nominations for a judgeship in Baton Rouge and U.S. Marshal in New Orleans. Vitter said he's holding up the nominations for assurances that U.S. Attorney Jim Letten won't be removed from his position.

'This is a really important fight for Louisiana because everybody acknowledges Jim has been a leader fighting corruption, weeding out corruption,' Vitter said. 'He lets the chips fall where they may. And that's very important for the continuing as a state.'

The issue has brought on some tense moments between Vitter and Sen. Mary Landrieu, who's upset that Vitter refused to sign off on the nominees she recommended.

Both senators have to sign off before a confirmation hearing can take place.

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