GOLDEN MEADOW, La. ― A mother and son were arrested in Lafourch Parish and face multiple charges for operating a meth lab two houses away from Golden Meadow Upper Elementary school.

Curtis Strausbaugh, 29, and Melody Strausbaugh, 46, both are charged with operation of a clandestine laboratory within 1,000 feet of a school.

Curtis Strausbaugh will face the additional charges of possession of meth and distribution of meth and was jailed with a bond set at $360,000 while his mother also was charged with principle to operation of a clandestine laboratory. Her bond was set at $150,000.

'Mother and son have extensive criminal histories and I am extremely proud of the work our narcotics officers did in this case to rid the neighborhood of this dangerous operation,' Lafourche Parish Sheriff Craig Webre said.

'The perpetrators are only interested in the end result but when the ingredients are combined, they can ignite causing explosions, fires and the release of toxic fumes.'

Drug Task Force agents found Curtis Strausbaugh purchasing pseudoephedrine, fertilizer and a funnel while they observed his mother Melody buying pseudoephedrine from another store.

Officers stopped the Strausbaugh's car Wednesday night and found meth in Curtis' possession. After arresting both, agents went to Strausbaugh's house at 140 Nichols Street in Golden Meadow where they found materials needed to make meth as well as the remnants of an old meth lab.

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