COCODRIE, La. - An accident on a jack up rig southeast of Cocodrie in Terrebonne Parish Friday morning left several dozen workers with what appear to be minor injuries, according to paramedics and a Coast Guard spokesman.

A spokesman for Acadian Ambulance reported the workers were injured when the jack up rig in motion hit a gas line offshore. The ambulance company said 39 workers were involved in all, though the number of injured, according to Coast Guard officials, was significantly less. Petty Officer Steve Lehmann said only two workers were in need of medical attention.

The incident happened 15 miles southeast of Cocodrie in South Timbalier Block around 10 a.m., according to the ambulance company.

As a motor vessel, the Joe G. Jr., was dropping off the rig workers, it may have knocking part of the rig, leading to the accident, according to Lehmann.

He said that collision may have led to a natural gas release. Once the leaking natural gas rig was secured, some workers complained of feeling sick, according to Lehmann.

The entire rig, which was owned by Hillcorp, was evacuated as a precaution, he said.

A dispatcher at the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff's office said the sheriff's spokesman, Maj. Malcolm Wolfe, could not provide any information, and said BP would provide more information.

A spokesperson for Acadian Ambulance told WAFB-TV in Baton Rouge that none of the injuries appear to be serious, but the workers are being taken to various hospitals for treatment or observation.

One patient was flown in by helicopter and 13 others were hospitalized. Another 11 workers are on their way to shore by boat.

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