Listening to media and some players you'd think the NFL going to 18-game regular season will ruin football as we know it. All I know is getting more football games that matter means a longer season, more reasons to drive home to NOLA, and not having to pay for two preseason games. I only have two questions; what took so long to figure out the preseason is mind numbingly too long and where do I sign up?

I love football and now I get more of it. Getting football into February even in those rare seasons where the Saints don't win the Super Bowl is like a glorious fantasy come to life.

What about injuries? I don't play in the NFL and neither do you. Not my problem. Saints players getting injuries I care about but other teams not so much. Football is a violent game and extra games mean more possibility of players getting hurt which is bad for them. Do you really care though? Being upset Sidney Rice is out because it ruins your fantasy team doesn't count. You will watch and you will love the extra games. Please save the argument that teams will just rest their players at the end of the year if they have clinched playoff spots so the extra games won't be any good. Teams already do that and that will always happen even if there is a 30 game season or 10. If the Saints can go 13-1 and rest their starters for a month so what? Some years the playoff spots will be settled before the final weeks and some years they won't.

Deep down we want more football and the NFL owners know it. If they didn't think an extra two games would make them billions they wouldn't do it. They'd just keep screwing us with four preseason games.

But we want it. Oh how we want it. What does America love more than football? Email me or comment below. You'll be hard pressed to find something.

While we wait for games that actually matter, the Saints will play yet another one that doesn't.

While everyone will be watching to see if Patrick Ramsey can beat out Chase Daniel for the back up quarterback job, I'll be looking for Patrick Robinson to do something. I know the Saints drafted him but I'm not really sure if he's on the team. Sure the secondary is loaded but it'd be nice to know the first round draft pick has a pulse.

It would also be great if the special team coverage teams would not allow a long punt return. Ok, that might be too much to ask. How about not allowing one in the first half?

The Saints also have to decide on a third running back. I'm hoping Ladell Betts goes crazy, inflates his fantasy value, and gets drafted five rounds too high.

And finally on a totally unrelated note my mom was selected at random by the Saints to go on the field before the Viking game and meet NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. She also might get selected to ask him a question. She wants a really good question so she can blow the Commish's mind and possibly get on ESPN. Send your suggestions and help her dreams come true.

Ralph Malbrough is a Saints fan living in Houston. Email him at, find him on facebook, or listen to his Saints podcast at

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