NEW ORLEANS A rare bright spot for the Democrats in an otherwise big night nationally for Republicans came when Cedric Richmond unseated Joseph Cao and returned the 2nd Congressional District to the Democrats.

Richmond easily beat Cao, with late results showing Richmond with 58 percent of the vote to Cao's 39 percent. The victory came just under two years after Cao shocked the local political scene with a surprise win over longtime incumbent William Jefferson.

Unlike many Louisiana candidates who positioned themselves against President Barack Obama, Richmond benefitted from the support of a president who is still very popular in the 2nd Congressional District, which is overwhelming Democrat and largely African-American.

Richmond said he would go to Washington to support Obama's policies.

'We're going to make sure that we don't let the CEOs and the Wall Street tycoons run this country back into a ditch,' he said inhis speech to supporters at a Canal Place hotel,emphasizing that in his opinion Obama had taken over a country in disarray. 'No one is talking about how this president saved the auto industry.'

Cao said would probably take several days to rest and offered help to Richmond in the transition. However, he said he didn't believe he was voted out because of the job he had done for the district.

'I believe that it was simply because of party politics. I don't believe voters voted me out because of my performance. I have served the district with great integrity and great honesty, but in the end it was too tough for a Republican to win in a district that is 70 percent Democrat,'Cao said.

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