Tonight Eyewitness News Political Analyst and Gambit columnist/co-owner Clancy DuBos begins his weekly feature, 'Clancy's Commentary,' with a look at Governor Bobby Jindal's travels.

It's a little ironic that Governor Bobby Jindal is getting so much heat for his busy travel schedule. Jindal's political mentor, former Governor Mike Foster, was criticized for not traveling enough.

The root of the criticism is the same for both men: economic development.

Foster didn't believe in leaving the state to promote Louisiana. Jindal leaves all the time mostly to promote himself.

Just yesterday, Jindal jetted off to New York to begin an eight day, coast-to-coast trip promoting his new book, 'Leadership and Crisis.' That's another irony: a book about leadership by a governor who's accused of not leading enough during his state's worst budget crisis ever.

Yet another irony: there's very little in Jindal's book about Louisiana, which only increases speculation that he's really angling to move on to the national political stage.

When questioned about that, Jindal answers that he has the job he wants.

If that's true, then perhaps the governor should come home and do the job that he has.

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