Defeat of the proposed merger between UNO and SUNO was a setback for Gov. Bobby Jindal, but a legislative compromise could still mean good news for UNO. That's the topic this week of Clancy's Commentary, by Eyewitness News political analyst and Gambit columnist Clancy DuBos.

Clancy DuBos / Eyewitness News

NEW ORLEANS -- A wise man once said that when one door closes another one opens.

So it was for UNO in recent days. A bill to merge UNO with SUNO failed to get the two-thirds vote needed in the state Legislature. So, House Speaker Jim Tucker amended his bill to focus on taking UNO out of the LSU System. The bill now moves UNO to the University of Louisiana System.

Yesterday, the House passed Tucker's revised bill unanimously. Tucker's bill now goes to the Senate, where it should enjoy similar, strong support.

Defeat of the merger was a setback for Gov. Bobby Jindal, but it may be the best possible outcome for UNO. A merger with SUNO would have faced years of legal, institutional and political challenges. Instead, UNO will get out from under the oppressive thumb of the LSU System.

If done right, the transfer will be good not only for UNO, but also for the UL System, which has not had a major presence in New Orleans.

Hopefully, the University of Louisiana System will recognize U-N-O for the jewel that it is, and help it shine as it was always meant to do.


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