Dominic Massa / Eyewitness News

NEWORLEANS-- More than 50 years ago, Ruby Bridges' small steps helped write a momentous chapter in New Orleans history.On Friday, she walked into the White House for a meeting with President Barack Obama.

The woman nowknown asRuby Bridges Hall became one of the first four African-American students to integrate New Orleans public schools a half-century ago. She met with the president on Friday to mark the 50th anniversary of herrole in integrating New Orleans public schools.

'Since President Obama came into office, I have supported having the painting hung in the White House,' said Ruby Bridges. 'It is the perfect symbol of how much we have accomplished in the last 50 years and a poignant reminder of how far we have left to go. It was a great honor to meet the president today, and it was an occasion that will live in my memory forever.'

In 1960, Bridges became the first student to attend William Frantz Elementary in the Ninth Ward.

The iconic Norman Rockwell painting that depicts the event, titled 'The Problem We All Live With,' has been chosen for display outside the Oval Office.

Bridges and members of the Normal Rockwell Museum will meet with the president on Friday to mark the occasion.

The painting, which was done for the cover of the January 14, 1964 issue of 'Look' magazine, will remain on display in the White House through October.

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