Some see the deadly Danziger Bridge police shootings as an example of the corruption that plagues the NOPD. And many believe the convictions in the case represent a new start for the integrity of the department. That's the topic of tonight's commentary, from Clancy DuBos.

Clancy DuBos / EyewitnessNews Political Analyst

The Danziger Bridge case has to rank as one of the ugliest chapters in NOPD history. The jury's verdict in federal court underscores that.

Even with all that went wrong during and right after Hurricane Katrina, there's just no excuse for cops killing innocent people. Jurors didn't buy the argument that Katrina made them do it.

But there's an even bigger story at NOPD these days: the fight to root out corruption and misconduct at every level. Whether it's abuse of paid details, or cops going rogue and killing people, the fight against police corruption is not an easy one. It's going to take a long, long time to clean up NOPD. But it's a fight worth fighting.

Make no mistake about it: there's an element at NOPD that doesn't want things to change. There are some cops a minority, to be sure who will do almost anything to hang onto the old order.

Hopefully, local and federal investigators will remain even more determined to bring the old order down and restore citizens' trust in the department that is sworn to protect and serve.


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