Clancy DuBos / Political Analyst

It's rare to find someone in political office who engenders near-universal good will, respect and affection. Outgoing New Orleans Councilman Arnie Fielkow is one of those rare politicians.

Fielkow announced yesterday that he will resign his council seat October 1 to return to private sector as CEO of the National Basketball Retired Players Association. The sports world was always Fielkow's first love. This is a dream job for a guy like him.

Fielkow's legacy as a public official is impressive. He helped rebuild NORD, pushed for more transparency at City Hall, and fought for a public-private partnership for economic development.

But Fielkow's most important legacy will be the example he set: A man of integrity, decency, and above all -civility. He cares about all people, especially kids, which is why, even from his new home in Chicago, he promises to stay engaged with NORD.

As a councilman, Fielkow spent countless hours 'outside' his official job working with kids, as a volunteer. And that is the example Fielkow set for others in public life: that the best way to lead ... is to serve.

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