Gov. Bobby Jindal has announced his support for state Sen. John Alario to be the next president of the Louisiana Senate. In his commentary this week, Eyewitness News Political Analyst and Gambit Columnist Clancy DuBos says the governor's pick is the right choice.

ClancyDuBos / EyewitnessNews Political Analyst

NEWORLEANS-- Gov. Bobby Jindal wasted no time announcing his support for Senator John Alario of Westwego to become the next president of the state Senate.

Jindal's backing makes Alario a cinch to win the job.

Although he's a recent convert to the Republican Party, Alario is a logical choice for Jindal for reasons that are more practical than ideological. As the dean of the Legislature, Alario knows more about the state budget and state government than anybody else. He also is a master of legislative procedure. Those skills will serve him and the governor very well. In fact, when Jindal needs to round up votes in the Senate, no one will be better able to help him than John Alario.

Alario's election is also good news for metro New Orleans. Although he represents the West Bank of Jefferson Parish, Alario has always protected the interests of the entire metro area. He played a key role in bringing the NBA Hornets to New Orleans, for example, and in keeping the Saints here.

In the past, Alario was an ally of Governor Edwin Edwards. For that, a lot of right-wingers oppose Jindal's decision. But 40 years in the Legislature have taught John Alario where the power is. That's why he has worked with every governor, including Bobby Jindal.


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