Scott Satchfield / Eyewitness News

NEW ORLEANS -- The Who Dats were pumped after the Saints knocked off the division rival Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, but some were fired up in a different kind of way before the game.

That's because they faced much longer than usual lines to get inside the Superdome, causing some people to miss kickoff.

Pamela Dupuy was one of them.

'We saw that there was a line as there always is, and unfortunately, when we thought we were at the end of the line, it curves with the 'Dome and it kept going and going and going,' Dupuy said.

Season ticket holder Eddie Rantz, who also missed kickoff, said he was in line about 45 minutes.

'Everybody was talking about it and everybody was upset,' Rantz said. 'There were far too few ticket takers, far too few people handling security to cope with that crowd at that time.'

Superdome officials are acknowledging the problem and chalk it up to two things -- many fans showing up late because of the big LSU Alabama game the night before, but more importantly, because of the beefed up security measures this season.

The NFL implemented full-body pat-downs at stadiums across the country earlier this season, and Sunday, Superdome officials began testing metal detecting wands at a few of the gates -- a process they admit can take up to three times longer for each ticket holder.

Superdome officials said they tested the wands because of a recommendation by the league.

However, they're still deciding whether to move forward with full implementation of the measure, or whether to discontinue it.

With several more home games to go, some fans hope to see the kinks ironed out quickly.

'I don't mind standing in line for 15 or 20 minutes. I think 45 minutes is excessive,' Rantz said. 'I certainly don't think it's right for us to miss kickoff. I understand there are security measures that are in place and that need to happen, but we need to find a way to speed up the process.'

Superdome officials said if they decide to continue using the metal detecting wands, fans may have to simply plan accordingly and show up earlier.

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