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The French Quarter isn't the only placeBCS fans are gathering. Around Orleans and Jefferson parishes there is a lot more activityearly onthis Monday morning.

Everywhere else it's just the first day of the week. But here, because of football, we found a common theme and they allstart with an 'F.'

As loud music plays in a local home, there is no shortage of fans still in theirPJ's having fun.
Fans are yelling 'Go Tigers' and 'Roll Tide.'

In onerental house full of visitors, fifteen plus peoplecram under a ceiling fan into one room,making the most of their free time off.

'I am skipping school, left my third graders at home so I could come watch the national championship,' said school teacher Aimee Stover who is an Alabama fan.

It's 9:45am, but that'snever too early in the SEC for fabulous festivities. Nor is it too early for females to flirt with their fiances.

A grocery bakery has been making lots of food, especially fattening food in purple and gold and crimson and white.

'Mostly like party littleminiature items, pastries,doberge squares, so there'sdefinitely an influx (of orders for party sweets,)' said theDorignac's bakery manager, Roy Thomas.

Husbands who were grocery shoppingplan to watch the gridiron fight on TV. They scored points when they gave their tickets to their wives.

'We're going to stay in our backyard, smoke cigars, drink red wine, fry fish and enjoy ourselves,' said Dan Foley.

Fantastic veteran husbands who get how to keep the peace.
Andthe final score will buy one team bragging rights until next football season.

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