Bill Capo / Action Reporter

NEW ORLEANS -- It's working! That was the celebratory tone of emails I received when the city repaired the red light at Chef Menteur Highway and Michoud Boulevard.

It meant the end of a frightening period.

'I was thrilled,' said Venetian Isles Civic Association member Pam Showalter. 'I was absolutely thrilled, because it had taken two months to get it repaired, and there were way too many accidents. A good friend of mine wiped out her Lexus here. Little girl didn't see the stop sign, and she spun her around three times.'

For eastbound drivers on Chef Menteur, there were only stop signs posted during the first Action Report, and we saw too many drivers sailing through the busy intersection without stopping, even during our interview with neighboring restaurant owner Rusty Vucinovich.

'You just come up here for a minute, two minutes... look at them, there they go, whoom baby!' Vucinovich said on Jan. 10.

At the time of the first Action Report, I asked the mayor's office to get that signal fixed as soon as possible, and they said they were working to do just that.

But I also asked them, begged them repeatedly, to put a temporary red light, or a flashing light at this intersection to warn drivers of the need to stop. But they left the stop signs in place.'

'I just couldn't believe it, I couldn't believe it at all,' declared Showalter. 'It took two months, and it was so dangerous, because the flashing lights were on the other side, but nothing to indicate the light was out on this side, and people were just, big old 18-wheelers were just flying past it.'

But now the shattered pole has been repaired, and the traffic signals are working again, easily visible to drivers approaching this intersection from all directions, so those who know this area can feel safe again.

'It's a great improvement safety wise, and again, I am just so happy. Thanks to the Action Reporter, and the city of New Orleans finally getting the light fixed,' Showalter said.

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