As the legislature gets to work on the session, it's another tough budget year with vital state programs and services on the chopping block. Many lawmakers are also gearing up for a tough fight over Gov. Bobby Jindal's bold education reform package.

Clancy DuBos / Eyewitness News Political Analyst

Gov. Bobby Jindal says Louisiana has a moral imperative to improve public education. Most people would agree with that. The question is: how?

Jindal blames public school teachers for most of the problem. He wants to make it harder for teachers to get tenure and easier for them to lose it.

He also wants to give public school superintendents more power to hire and fire people without interference from elected school board members. To me, this is one of his better ideas.

Jindal's biggest challenge is his plan to take the voucher program in New Orleans and make it statewide. That one's a slippery slope.

And then there's his plan to expand charter schools. I'm all for charter schools, but the governor's plan could actually hurt the charter school movement by making to too easy to get a charter.

I wish the governor well in trying to fix public education. But let's not kid ourselves into thinking that firing teachers and shuffling kids around, whether through vouchers or charter schools, is going to magically make them perform better. The real moral imperative here is giving kids all the resources they need to learn.


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