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NEW ORLEANS A local woman who has been plagued with severe headaches for most of her 39 years on earth says an insurance company continues to deny a claim for a procedure that has been proven to give her relief.

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Alicia Lissard-Easley has been in constant pain her most of her 39 years of life from headaches.

LSU Health Sciences Center neurosurgeon Dr. Erich Richter says he knows that a small implant would instantly stop her pain.

Richter said he has found the defective nerves in her scalp that are causing the problem, and a nerve stimulator makes the pain go away instantly. He tested a temporary device on Alicia.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana had denied the implant but promised to have an independent neurosurgeon review the case.

After the review, Blue Cross again denied the implant, saying only, 'This matter is now in the appeals process, and we are not at liberty to discuss it further.'

Medicare, Medicaid, Peoples and United Health have all approved this procedure in the past.

Studies show it saves money in the long run on pain medications, emergency room visits and hospital stays.

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