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NEWORLEANS - A five-year-old girl, shot and killed at another child's birthday party, will be laid to rest on Tuesday morning.

Briana Allen's funeral is being held in Central City, not far from the scene where she, along with four others, were hit by a hail of bullets on May 29.

It was a crime that caused shock and outrage - another incident where children and other innocent bystanders fell victim to the city's ongoing problems with violence.

The service begins at 10 a.m. at New Hope Baptist Church.

The violent incident occurred when three gunmen opened fire at a child's birthday party on Simon Bolivar. Surveillance video captured images of the suspects driving up, getting out of their silver Nissan and heading toward the party. Moments later, the suspects were seen running back to the car and driving away.

A mother also died in the attack, while three others, including a 10-year-old boy, were injured.

It was one of several shooting incidents across the city that same day.

On Wednesday, dozens gathered at the scene of the quintuple shooting.

Community leaders and concerned citizens joined family and friends in praying for the victims and speaking out against violence.

'We have a bunch of young kids being killed daily and its saddens us now because it has struck home,' said Allen's aunt, Shannon Larry. 'We never thought it would happen to us. It can happen to you and to those guys that have families out there, who are watching and looking, you know who they are. Turn them in now, turn them in now. Justice has to be served.'

One suspect has turned himself in, but police are still looking for the two others.

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