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Detectives spent almost 24-hours searching for evidence inside Margaret Sanchez's Kenner home which she shared with Terry Speaks.

Neighbors and French Quarter acquaintances are still coming to terms with the couple's possible connection to such a gruesome crime.

'I just heard about it. This is something that's been very dear to my heart because of the tragedy. Its just unreal,' said Mary Scott describing the scene that unfolded overnight in her neighborhood.

Hancock County Sheriff's Office investigators along with Kenner PD, the FBI, and the Louisiana Search and Rescue Dog Team spent the day bagging evidence from Sanchez's Kenner home on Conneticut Street. Clues that could be connected to Jaren Lockhart's murder.

'You could understand, you shoot someone out of anger but just to dismantle them like they did. That's horrible,' added Scott walking her dog on Wednesday afternoon.

The house is where neighbors tell Eyewitness News that Sanchez and Terry Speaks live. The couple spent most nights away. WWL-TV has confirmed that the duo work in the French Quarter as street performers and at clubs. One neighbor says the couple have been dating for a few months and that Speaks moved into Sanchez's home which belonged to her late grandmother.

'I can't really see her doing it but I don't really know the other dude. He's kinda awkward,' said neighbor Sean Broussard.

In the French Quarter the couple are well known.

'That's what we call her Margo. She was a light ball street performer,' said James Taylor, better known as 'King James of Jackson Square.' The tarot and palm reader says Sanchez and Speaks would perform together on the street.

'Her and her boyfriend were talking about getting married. As far as we know she wasn't too much of a bad person. But of course, you know -- you don't know who people really are until you've known them for years,' said Taylor.

'I hope and pray to God - that she didn't feel anything because what happened to her shouldn't have happened to any human being at all,' said Shayne a dancer on Bourbon Street who says she lived with Lockhart briefly. Shayne hopes that whomever is responsible for the dancer's death is brought to justice.

'I hope whoever did this suffers for the rest of their life,' said Shayne.

No word on whether or not investigators will return to Sanchez's house on Thursday.

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