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HAMMOND, La. -- Margaret Sanchez, a suspect in the murder of Jaren Lockhart, faces new charges connected to her relationship with Terry Speaks, the other suspect in the killing.

Sanchez was charged Monday with harboring a sex offender just as she was preparing to be shipped to a mental clinic for an evaluation.

Sanchez remained in the Tangiphoa Parish Jail Monday evening awaiting a court date on the new charge. Sanchez and Terry Speaks are suspects in the murder of Lockhart, whose dismembered body was found along beaches in Mississippi.

Sanchez and Speaks had been in custody in the Tangipahoa Parish Jail on charges unrelated to the killing of Jaren Lockhart. Though some officials in Mississippi have referred to Speaks and Sanchez as suspects, neither has been charged with Lockhart's murder.

Speaks is now in federal custody for failing to properly register as a sex offender after committing a sex crime in North Carolina. He was convicted of three counts of indecent liberty with a minor in 2003.

Authorities said they were able to capture Speaks and Sanchez in Tangipohoa Parish because tips started pouring in after a surveillance video went out, showing the couple going into Temptations strip club on Bourbon Street, where Lockhart worked.

Authorities believe the three knew each other and all worked in the French Quarter.

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