Clancy DuBos - WWL-TVPolitical Analyst / Gambit Columnist

By now, the worst-kept secret in town is the federal investigation of former Mayor Ray Nagin.

So far, the feds have convicted five key figures in the Nagin Era scandals.

Today, Covington businessman Frank Fradella became the latest although his guilty plea relates to fraud charges in Texas.

What makes Fradella's plea significant is the fact that his case was transferred to New Orleans from Texas. That will help federal prosecutors here get Fradella's cooperation against Nagin.

Other Nagin associates who have been convicted include former city technology chief Greg Meffert; Meffert's former business partner, Mark St. Pierre; another former city technology chief, Anthony Jones; and businessman Aaron Bennett.

St. Pierre, Bennett and Fradella all got lucrative contracts from the Nagin Administration. And the mayor tried to hide his ties to Fradella when this station sought his email records.

Nagin says there's nothing to all this. And in fairness, he has not been charged with anything.

But there's no denying the feds have the former mayor in the crosshairs and that the Justice Department continues to play a leading role in efforts to clean up local politics.

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