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Stephen Burbank, the system arbitrator for NFL-NFLPA grievances, indicated Wednesday after his hearing on Drew Brees' franchise tag status that he would make a ruling within a week.

The University of Pennsylvania law professor's bio on the law school's website calls him the author of 'definitive works on federal court rulemaking, interjurisdictional preclusion, litigation sanctions, international civil litigation, and judicial independence and accountability.'

Wednesday, he heard arguments from the Saints and Drew Brees' party.

The Saints argue that Brees is a first-time franchise tagged player because they haven't put the tag on him yet as a member of New Orleans' team. Brees, however, argues that he's a second-time tagged player since he was placed under one in 2005 with San Diego.

The difference is money. A first- and second-year tag will cost a franchise 120 percent of his previous year's salary.

A third-year being tagged, however, would grant the player a 144 percent increase.

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