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NEW ORLEANS -- For some folks across the Uptown area, it seems violent crime is bleeding recently across neighborhood lines.

'The things that are happening now are not like in certain areas that you have to stay away from. It's happening citywide now, all times of the day,' said Anne Rheams, who works in the area. 'The thing that amazes me the most is how brazen these attacks are.'

We caught up with Rheams along a typically busy section of Maple Street, where at around 10:15 p.m. Monday, armed suspects robbed two people.

About 20 minutes later and several blocks away, in the 7700 block of Nelson, two men carjacked another victim at gunpoint, according to the NOPD.

Tuesday afternoon, neighbors on Nelson were concerned.

'Especially when you feel like you have a lot of kids in the neighborhood and stuff like that. So, you want them to feel safe and like they can play, like they are right now and not have to worry about them,' said Tracy Rene' Helms Capasso.

Monday's crimes come on the heels of a pair of incidents on Audubon Street over the weekend -- an armed carjacking in the 1800 block and an armed robbery near the intersection of Audubon and Burthe.

NOPD 2nd District Commander Paul Noel said detectives are trying to track down any and all leads.

'We are concerned. I mean, armed robberies have always been the priority of the 2nd District. When they start happening like this, it's something that we look at very, very closely,' he said.

Police did make an arrest in last month's brazen lunchtime carjacking near Oak Street.

Still, some are on edge.

'I will say that I am afraid. I really am afraid and I know most of my friends and family feel the same way,' Rheams said.

The NOPD said the attackers seem to be targeting people as they walk to and from their vehicles.

Officials urge everyone in the area to scan their surroundings carefully.

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