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A Slidell intersection some call a nightmare is in for an experiment.

Slidell Police say they've had countless complaints from drivers about Gause Boulevard and I-10. Even a truck stop on that corner has complained of losing business because of the back-up found at the intersection on a daily basis.

When Rebecca Vanness loads up her kids to go shopping in Slidell, she has also got to load up a lot of patience for this intersection at Gause Boulevard and I-10.

'It's horrible. It's always clogged up. It's backed up, it takes you three turns to get through the lights; it's ridiculous,' she said.

The issue comes when 18-wheelers pull out of the truck stop on to Gause. Those that chose to go left, and stay in the left lane, in order to get back onto the Interstate's eastbound lanes, often get caught in the short signal and block the intersection from any other traffic.

'Several complaints for many years we've been receiving so what we're trying to do is come up with a solution, a proactive solution to divert truck traffic here out of the Slidell truck stop onto I-10,' said Slidell Police Chief Randy Smith.

So police are planning to put officers at the intersection every afternoon to redirect those trucks into the right lane, forcing them on the Interstate's westbound lanes until they can turn around at the next exit, and go the eastbound direction they originally intended to go.

'That will eliminate all of the trucks from blocking the intersection here at Gause and I-10 and keep a flow of traffic steady,' said Smith.

In addition to the manpower, police and the truck stop employees will be placing signs up for truckers to make sure the message about avoiding a traffic jam is clear.

'I'm pretty sure with the support and the employees at the truck stop, the word will get out,' said Smith.

DOTD has tried to help at the intersection by re-timing the traffic signals. The city is also hoping for a revamp of the intersection in the future.

'It's a good start,' said Vanness.

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