Mike Hoss / Eyewitness News
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NEWORLEANS - As people watched the horrifying video of the Hubig's building burn this morning, many turned their attention to getting their hands on the pies that remained on the shelves.

It didn't take long for the shelves at local convenience and grocery stores to become empty.

By 8 a.m., both Dorignacs and Zuppardo's were all sold out. Phones were ringing off the hook all morning - 'Do you have any...Where can I find any?'

It's not just the local's who have taken favor with the fruit filled pies, fans come from all over.

But those who came late on Friday went home empty handed.

'We had a line of people outside the door so as soon as we opened up this morning, first place they came was the Hubig Pie rack so they bought them all. First thing out the door this morning were the Hubigs Pies,' said grocery store owner Joe Zuppardo.

''We have people that come into the building here from out of state, and the first they ask are, 'Where are the Hubig Pies at?' And we have one customer who comes in once a month. He orders a whole tray,' said Dorignac's Manager Tony Fasullo.

Each place would have had more on the shelves, but Friday was delivery day.

Now the question is. 'When will the next delivery be?'

The community has taken solace in the fact that there are plans to rebuild and keep the pies coming someday.

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