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Willie Roaf will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday, the second to go in as a New Orleans Saints player.

Many regard him as the best player to ever don the black and gold. But mention that to him and it takes nanoseconds for him to refute that thought.

He believes the man wearing No. 9 currently should get that distinction.

'I don't understand that,' Roaf said Sunday on a conference call with New Orleans media. 'Drew Brees is one of those guys that had a lot to prove. He has always proved stuff.

'When I was in Kansas City, we played against Drew twice a year. I think, at that time, the AFC West was the toughest division in football. You had Drew and the Chargers who were real good, the Denver Broncos who were still playing good. You had us in Kansas City with Priest Holmes and Trent Green. The Raiders weren't as good, but we were pretty good football teams. Drew had that injury before he came to New Orleans.

'I don't think Drew had much attention, except for the Dolphins, before going with the Saints. Drew has had a lot to prove. Since he got there in 2006, how many times has that team been to the playoffs? He has a Super Bowl ring on his resume.

'Drew is one of those types of guys who is always going to be motivated to play great football and he is self-motivated where I was one of those guys who was motivated. When you are losing a lot, it takes a little bit out of you and you are not as hungry sometimes. I was probably one of those guys who needed to go through some adversity or have something happen to me to get me back on track.

'I say Drew already. Drew is the best football player to put the jersey on.'

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