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COVINGTON, La. - Appreciation for one national fast food chain's stance against gay marriage caused parking lot jam ups, and in some cases, highway clog ups across the New Orleans area Wednesday.

It was a statement made up of lines, signs and chicken in support of Chick-fil-A.

People crowded a whole shopping center in Covington, while a restaurant in Metairie was packed to the max. On the Westbank, church groups flooded the Chick-fil-A's, all for one reason.

Houston resiednt Annette O'Hare said, 'We appreciate Chick-fil-A and what they stand for and they kind of share the same beliefs that we do.'

'Because we're Christians and we stand behind the Christian man that owns this,' added Myris Kitchen.

Christians across the country were asked to support the fast food outlet today, after the company and its president were criticized for Chick-fil-A's support of traditional marriage and stance against gay marriage. Plenty of people showed up to agree.

'I don't think what he said was offensive to anybody,'said Beth Cuterer. 'I think he was just stating how he felt and how his company is run.'

Supporters say the long wait, inside or out, is worth it, but others say it isn't, and neither is the statement they're trying to make.

'I don't see what everybody coming here, that's not going to change a thing. People are going to love who they're going to love,' said Kevin Hall.

Alva Chapman said, 'Whatever choice they make in life, that's the choice they make, can't do nothing about it.'

Opponents are planning a counter-protest, of sorts, by encouraging same sex couples across the country to go to franchises on Friday and show some PDA.
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