By Ralph Malbrough

If even good preseason football is awful what is awful preseason football? Indescribably horrible. Sometimes I think exhibition football is like losing your virginity; you are really excited for it to start but after it's over you wonder why it wasn't more fun.

After watching the Saints and Patriots finish a 7-6 three plus hour pillow fight there are a couple of things I'm sure of...

1. I have something in common with Saints third string quarterback Sean Canfield. We will both never play a snap in a regular season NFL game.
2. Despite all the injuries in the secondary I'm actually feeling pretty good about it. Johnny Patrick, Corey White, and Marquis Johnson all had moments. If Jabari Greer and Patrick Robinson can stay healthy the secondary should have enough depth to not give us heart attacks during the season.
3. If you only watched the Saints game on Thursday night you might not understand the depth of just how embarrassing replacement referees will be if they work games that count. I was watching the Saints on my Ipad and had the NFL Network on my TV and when they jumped from game to game almost every one had a gaffe by the officials. I actually felt bad for Rich Eisen, as he had to try and make it seem like the scab officials weren't atrocious because the NFL pays his salary. As fans we might rip the officials but at least the real ones we know are the best football officials there are. The replacements are clearly not and they will ruin somebody's season if they are given the chance.
4. Curtis Lofton I love you and not just because the Saints stole you from Atlanta. Lofton looks like Jonathan Vilma did in 2008.
5. I can ignore the starting offense's bad night because preseason football is like looking at a cloud in the sky; I see whatever I want and ignore the rest.
6. If John Kasey would have made that potential game winning kick he would have definitely moved ahead of Garrett Hartley but since he didn't the battle for kicking job is still wide open.
7. If Courtney Roby weren't so valuable on special teams he would have the inside track on replacing Robert Meachem.
8. I'm not ready to declare the defensive line a force to be reckoned with but seeing Tom Brady getting hit hard gives me hope the Saints will get pressure on quarterbacks without having to blitz 24 guys on third down or motivate the defense with hideous power point slides.
9. I watched the game with the sound turned off on my Ipad as I didn't want to hear Patriots announcers ramble on about bounties, Sean Payton, Jonathan Vilma, and how beautiful a person Tom Brady is. It was delightful.
10. We still have three more weeks of this but it's still better than baseball. Barely. If you wondering why this column is so short it's because I had a hard enough time staying awake watching the game much less pounding out 1000 words. It's ok if you fell asleep in the third quarter because Sean Payton probably did.

Ralph Malbrough is a Saints fan living in Houston. Email him at, find him on facebook, follow him on twitter at!/MilneMalbrough or download his podcast at Itunes.

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