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Four years after seeing Hurricane Gustav come ashore near them, residents of Chauvin were seen moving away from the coast as Tropical Storm Isaac approached the same area.

And Johnny Glover, owner of CoCo Marina, isn't surprised.

'You can't blame them after Katrina and Gustav,' Glover said.

People in southeast Louisiana know what to do, Glover said, because they've 'been there, done that.'

But the wobbling storm's movement and forecast has thrown a wrench in what they're expecting the outcome of the storm to be.

'This thing is mind boggling because you watch it wobble to the north, you get excited,' Glover said. 'You watch it wobble to the west and you get disappointed because we want it to go east of us. If it goes west of us, we're gonna have a mess of it.

'It goes east of us, we can at least relax.'

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