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LAPLACE, La. -- The Coast Guard Disaster Assistance Response Team used boats that normally rescue flood victims in the Midwest. But Hurricane Isaac brought them to a truck stop surrounded by water under the junction of I-10 and I-55 in LaPlace to help stranded trucker Al Coleman for Dallas.

'I parked here during Katrina. I brought relief stuff down here during the Katrina. Parked here, it wasn't nothing like this,' said Dallas trucker Al Coleman.

Coleman has emphysema and bronchitis and his breathing was strained, but he didn't want to leave his truck to get medical help.

'These people here making me go,' said Coleman. 'I don't want to go, but I'm going.'

This Coast Guard team is from Cincinnati, Ohio, and normally they respond to river flooding, not hurricanes.

'It wasn't bad, a little rainy, a little windy, but it's a lot of hard work here,' said Zachary Carlson, BM3, U.S. Coast Guard.

Dave Bishop from Memphis was headed to Gulfport seeking work when he got stranded at the truck stop.

'We parked over there. I woke up, the water rose up. I backed up to here,' Bishop said.

In all, 26 people have been staying at the Suburban Hotel. It does have power, but they've been waiting for the flood to subside so they could leave in their vehicles.

But when food and water began to run short, well, that's when they say the Coast Guard came to the rescue.

'Water is about to come into the car, the Coast Guard brought us over there, we were about to run out of food last night, they dropped some MREs,' Bishop said.

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