Maggie Crane / Eyewitness News

SLIDELL, La. -- Storm surge from Lake Pontchartrain is receding drastically here in Slidell, but flooding remains a big concern on Camellia Drive, as well as on Palm Lake.

People were getting a first look Friday at the damage significant flooding did to their homes - as much as 2.5 feet inside some of these houses.

Hundreds of homes took on water when Hurricane Isaac sat nearly stationary over Slidell.

'I got my bird food for my birds and I hope they're alive, but, I am,' said Janice Lee-Parrino.

Lee-Parrino says she's counting her blessings, even though her road was turned into a river and the rising waters threatened to strand her.

'I walked through chest-deep water to get the police to come get my brother,' she said.

After days of rescues and evacuations, homeowners boarded high-water vehicles to get a first look at their damaged homes.

'Pretty bad. There's black soot all over the floor. Water was up about 2.5 feet on the walls; furniture floating around inside,' said Sam Wester.

But police say others came home to find someone else had been there first.

'We've had a few looters, we've taken reports now that people are going back into their areas that were flooded in Olde Towne to doors kicked in , some businesses that have been burglarized, stuff like that,' said Slidell Police Department Chief Randy Smith.

Curfew is now lifted for Slidell, but police presence promises to be heavy through areas still under water.

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