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NEW ORLEANS -- In the Venetian Isles neighborhood Sunday, the cleanup process continued amid sweltering heat.

For some, the situation is comparable to what they endured during Hurricane Katrina.

'There's nothing left, really. You really can't save anything because it's salt water that's been through it and everything splits. The wood splits. You gotta gut,' said Joshua Bethancourt, as he took us through his severely damaged home.

Bethancourt's home suffered numerous hits -- from Isaac's wind, rain and storm surge.

'Our roof pretty much came off,' he said. 'All the water leaked in from the roof, took down our ceilings, took out our furniture, the floodwater -- basically totaled the house.'

Now, Bethancourt, like many of his neighbors, faces a huge rebuilding job for the second time in seven years.

In the Venetian Isles, Lake Catherine and Irish Bayou areas, many homes are raised and were spared, but others weren't so lucky, and large debris piles provide a small glimpse into what was lost.

'We have to remove everything from our home,' said Irish Bayou resident Noni Simolke Chambers. 'Mold has already started, and we have two pets. We have three children that can't come home and it's hard.'

At a supplies distribution center in Venetian Isles -- one of several across the metro area - a steady stream of people passed through.

Military personnel handed out ice, water, MRE's and even tarps, but what some families still need here is manpower support from volunteers.

'They really need some help. Some of them have help, but a lot are just overwhelmed,' said state Sen. A.G. Crowe, R-Slidell).

But, despite the major challenges ahead, some said their focus is clear.

'Rebuild. We gotta get back in here. This is our home. This is where we live. We love it out here,' Bethancourt said.

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