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PLAQUEMINESPARISH, La. - The floodwaters are still flowing out of Lower Plaquemines Parish.

Parish President Billy Nungesser said there's still a long way to go until all the water is gone, but they hope to repair the 14 breaches letting high water flow out, then use pumps to remove the rest of the water.

So far, Nungesser said he is impressed with the speed and smooth coordination of the response.

'The FEMA team that's here on the ground, I'm real happy with their ability move quickly. We've got dead animals and debris up against homes in the Ironton area. And, we can't let people crawl through that back to their homes. So, after the meeting late last night, Kevin Davis gave me the word that they approved us to get that debris off of those people's private property,' he said.

As for Highway 23, he said the water should be low enough for large trucks to use the roadway Tuesday and smaller trucks on Wednesday. But, it could be a few more days until cars can travel down the roadway.

(Watch the video for the full interview.)

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