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SLIDELL, La. -- Help to rebuild after Hurricane Isaac isn't just coming from state and federal agencies. It's coming from faith-based organizations from near and far.

In Slidell, we found the Samaritans' Purse group, based out of North Carolina. They were helping the first family of at least a hundred already on their list to assist with mud-outs, gutting, debris clean up and roof repair work.

The homeowner benefiting from the group's efforts was overjoyed.

'They asked me if I need help and I said, sure,' said Wanda Dolliole.

On the other side of St. Tammany Parish, Mandeville Christian Fellowship Church is helping families restore the inside of their homes. The distribution center has been operating for five days and more than 500 people have nearly wiped it out.

'I said overwhelming to start, because we did not, I guess, really realize there were that many people that were going to be needing it as desperately as people have needed it coming through here,' said Edna Bankston, with the church.

The organizations that are helping put piles out like this are scattered from Madisonville, all the way to Lacombe. They say they've come because they're called to do this.

'It's really good for us to just be able to encourage people that, you know, tomorrow's going to be a better day. We're going to all get through this,' Bankston said.

The Samaritans' Purse group will be in town for four weeks with dozens of volunteers. The Mandeville Fellowship Church says it will have its distribution center restocked and ready Monday.

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