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NEW ORLEANS -- For David Morgan, recovering from Hurricane Isaac will be a major challenge.

He's ready to get going, but he said the massive mess all around his flooded-out home south of Braithwaite hasn't changed since the storm.

'Everybody on the east bank is really feeling the same way. I mean, we've been left out. If it wasn't for the sheriff's office -- and I mean that from the bottom of my heart -- doing what they did to clear the highway, you probably couldn't drive here,' Morgan said.

Over the last few days, Morgan said he's had to work around huge piles of debris, dead animals and even several tombs containing human remains.

The tombs, he said, floated from a cemetery almost a mile away, and landed near his property.

Morgan said he's made several requests to parish officials for help, but hasn't gotten clear answers.

'Let's get government rolling. Let's get these things moved. Or give us a response,' he said.

Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser said DOTD is in charge of clearing the right of way.

He also said parish officials are waiting for FEMA to approve a request, which would give crews more access to private properties, allowing them to remove dead animals and other debris.

'It's a health hazard if we don't clean up the entire property. I told FEMA Thursday was too long, I want an answer back (Tuesday),' Nungesser said.

Morgan did get some help Monday, as a crew began moving dead animals near his property.

However, with so many challenges facing his community, he hopes to see a big change in the response -- and soon.

'You got chemicals in here that we don't know about,' Morgan said. 'The highway opened up yesterday for the first time since the storm. Every time we turn around, it's one thing after the next and we're not getting answers.'

Residents will get a chance to voice their concerns at a meeting, scheduled for Wednesday night at the auditorium in Braithwaite.

As for the loose tombs -- officials said they're focused on removing them and hopefully returning them to their original locationsin a dignified manner.

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