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NEW ORLEANS -- It was a split-second decision to take action for one Bellaire Drive resident.

Tuesday night, a man wearing a hooded sweatshirt charged toward the homeowner, who was exiting a car in his own driveway.

The homeowner, who doesn't want to be identified, jumped back into his car, threw it in reverse and -- as the suspect jumped into a get-away vehicle with three others -- chased them off.

'I was operating on pure adrenaline,' he said. 'I was honking my horn, hitting my hazards. I was not gonna be a victim. I got myself to safety, and then I got them out of this neighborhood.'

The homeowner soon learned from neighbors that the suspects had just committed multiple crimes.

'They flagged me down and they told me that they just had guns put to their heads and (were) robbed,' he said.

The incident happened the same night as four armed robberies in the uptown area, including a carjacking at Camp and Delachaise, where a homeowner was shot in the chest.

Later Tuesday night, New Orleans Police arrested two juvenile suspects and connected them to at least two of the crimes. One of the teenagers was wearing a faulty ankle monitor, which is now adding to the public outrage.

Patty Lapeyre has long been outspoken against the fledgling ankle monitor program.

Now, in the wake of 19 robberies in the city since Friday (according to the NOPD's crime maps), and after learning a teenager in the ankle monitoring program is connected to at least two of those crimes, Lapeyre wants answers.

'I'm urging that there's a rigorous investigation launched into this, into the problems of -- what is wrong? Why is it not working,' she said. 'The frustration is huge with a lot of our community. For five years, we've been trying to get this straight and get it right.'

Orleans Criminal Sheriff Marlin Gusman, who oversees the program, said the situation has sparked a new investigation into the equipment.

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