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NEW ORLEANS -- The teen accused of plotting to help murder his friend's mother is now behind bars in New Orleans.

Nathan Yuhas, 18, was transferred Thursday from a jail in Baton Rouge. He joins 19-year-old Nicole Boover in Orleans Parish Prison.

We're told Boover isn't cooperating with police, invoking her right to remain silent. She has not posted a $500,000 bond.

Boover, a 19-year-old freshman at LSU, is charged with attempted first-degree murder and possession of marijuana. Her alleged accomplice is charged with principal to attempted first-degree murder. He's originally from Pennsylvania.

Police believe the two plotted to murder Boover's mother inside an apartment complex near City Park Monday morning.

Police say Boover fired three shots into her mother's apartment door after her mother answered it, and then slammed it shut.

No one was injured, and police say Boover and Yuhas fled back to LSU, where they were arrested.

Police believe the two were after inheritance money.

Psychologist Paul Frick says this bizarre case flies in the face of the norm.

'In general it's rare, much rarer for a girl to commit violent acts than boys, and it's much rarer for a girl to commit it against a mother,' Frick said. 'Usually there is something very seriously wrong, something that's gone wrong in the relationship to begin with.'

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