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NEW ORLEANS -- The food truck culture is taking New Orleans by storm. Thursday night in Central City, city leaders and food truck operators are meeting to talk about improving vending laws across the city.

Both the city and small business owners hope it'll better outline how food trucks can operate across the city.

New Orleans loves its food and that's probably why food trucks are growing in popularity across the Crescent City.

Food trucks are lined up along Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard serving up what they do best.

In the last few months, a push has been underway spear-headed by the New Orleans Food Truck Coalition to have the city ease up and update current laws that restrict hours of operation or where trucks can set up shop.

Council-at-Large Stacy Head and the Good Work Network organized the festival to talk about updating mobile vending laws that date back to 1956, when food trucks didn't exist.

'We had some good discussion about the most important issues, and I hope now we'll put together sort of a framework of the concepts and the laws the number of food truck vendors, the hours of operation, those kind of things, locations that are prohibited, locations that are allowed,' Head said.

The food truck festival wrapped up at 7:30 p.m.

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