Paul Murphy / Eyewitness News
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NEWORLEANS- The city council voted to mandate sweeping taxi cab reforms at Armstrong International Airport.

The new regulations mirror the rules recently applied to all cabs with a license to operate in the city.

The council chamber was packed with cab drivers hoping to put the breaks on the new regulations. They were admonished several times for interrupting the 45-minute hearing.

In recent weeks, cabbies staged a couple of rolling protests after the council approved the new rules for city cabs.

By law, taxi's must be less than 11-years old and have GPS, security cameras and credit card machines.

Reform supporters say all cabs that pick up people at the airport should play by the same rules. But, cabbies complain they need more time to make the changes.

'This is ludicrous what you all doing to us,' said Monroe Coleman, owner of Coleman Cab. 'The general public understands that it's unfair, that it's not properly thought out and when are we going to get smart enough you can't fool us anymore.'

'People in the public and at the airport deserve a better service and it makes better financial sense to be able to comply,' said Sheree Kerner, owner of N'awlins Cab.

The council voted 7-0 to adopt the taxi cab ordinance.

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